Sunday, December 25, 2011

GM mosquitoes to be released

I just stumbled upon this entry from AP.

Who is to say that they won't generate super-viruses and make us all into zombies?

It is a well-known fact that private genetic modification of living organisms is never a good idea. Just look at Raccoon city. Good for me that I don't live in Florida, I guess, but since these things will probably spread around and become super-mosquitoes, then I am pretty sure no one is safe.

NWO and the Zionists

Alright, I'm not a big conspiracy theory nutter, but I know that something is wrong when I see it.

Check out this video. WW3 is their goal. It would shift power and make people dependent on their products.

The cold war with Russia is over, but now China?

"Reports circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that a US government contracted airplane piloted by American CIA agents and carrying a cargo of a "mutated"swine flu virus intended for aerial spraying was shot down at China's Shanghai Pudong airport by a saboteur team of what are believed to be Israeli Mossad soldiers seeking to prevent an American attack upon one of their Central Asian bases located in the Central Asian Nation of Kyrgyzstan."

CIA at it again.

Wow, this is intense.

Nice little festive season video.

Happy Holidays to everyone.

Anti-Putin Protests Draw Tens Of Thousands

Looks like the Russians are finally waking up from their deep sleep. 

"Tens of thousands of Russians jammed a Moscow avenue to demand free elections and an end to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's 12-year rule, in the largest show of public outrage since the protests 20 years ago that brought down the Soviet Union. Gone was the political apathy of recent years as many shouted "We are the Power!"